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We are Jacksonville Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Jacksonville, Fl. Having animals causing issues in your home is no fun, so we take our business seriously and offer a prompt and friendly service from the initial phone call to the final cleaning and sealing of the property, to prevent animals from being able to return. Our professional advisers can give you an indication of the cost over the phone, and give you detailed information on the methods that we will commonly use to deal with different pest animals. We recognize the urgency of dealing with an animal problem, and aim to get one of our local technicians to you before the end of the next day, and usually before then. Our experienced animal removal technicians are skilled at dealing with rodents such as mice and rats that can transmit diseases such as leptospirosis or salmonella to you and your family. We can also deal with pest animals in the yard or garden, with moles and groundhogs also a common reason that people will call us. We look to deal with the pest animals on your behalf, and can also put in the measures and repairs that will help to keep your home and garden free of those animals permanently. Call us now at 904-834-4492 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Jacksonville Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Dead Pet Disposal Cost

Once your pet dies, there are ways on how you can say goodbye to your furry friend in a respectful manner. After their years of making you happy, you should not simply leave them stuck in the office of the veterinarian while waiting to be collected in order to be subjected for a communal cremation. However, you should also be aware that the proper disposal of their remains comes with a cost. In some situations, it will not be cheap. You need to familiarize yourself on the various factors that can affect its cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Deal with the Remains of Your Pets
There are certain situations when you will have to decide if your dog should be put down in order to bring an end to their suffering. This is one of the most difficult things that you will experience. To make this experience a lot bearable, you will need to figure out the cost that you need to deal with. Most pet owners know that vet care will not be cheap. For those choose to euthanize their dog, the cost may start at $50 and can increase to $300.

Putting Them to Sleep
There are various factors that can affect the cost of euthanasia; for instance, if the procedure has been performed in the home or at an office. It may also increase if there are extra services such as cremation along with it. In case the veterinarian will need to travel to your location to perform the service, the cost will be around $85-$125. This will also depend on how far your house is. There are also some hidden fees that will translate to a higher cost. This may include the administration of the controlled drugs. When it involves the use of the controlled substance, the cost of the drug alone will be $250. For the euthanasia that was conducted at the vet’s office, it may start at $50 and can increase exponentially.

The cremation is another affordable and viable option when dealing with the remains of your pets. This is a great alternative if you want to preserve the memory of your pets. The cremation of the pet may range from $80 for pets that weigh around 30lbs up to $165 for 101lbs. Pet crematories will normally charge their client according to the weight of their pets. This is due to the fact that the larger pets will require higher energy to cremate. You also have the option to choose from communal and private cremation. Communal cremation is more affordable. It cost at around $80. However, your pet will be cremated together with the bodies of the dead animals. For the private cremation, the cost will start at $135.

There are also additional costs that can easily increase your expenses. You can avail the add-ons that will ensure that the occasion will be beautiful and memorable. The quality urn will cost at $100 and for those who want a keepsake such as a death certificate, the price will start at $50.