What Smells Repel Mice

Mice are known for their non-stop gnawing, shocking reproduction rate and the damages that they can cause. In addition, they are known to be nocturnal which makes it quite difficult to deal with them. There are various smells that can repel the mice in your attic. Mice hate the strong scent of the chemicals such as the stench of the ammonia. In order to experience the best result, the placement of these repellents is highly essential. You need to determine the way they enter your house before you can place it at an appropriate location.

Different Types of Smell that Can Repel Mice
In case you have a full-blown mice infestation, these repellents may not be your ideal solution. However, it would be effective against preventing the mouse from entering your property. We enumerated some of the items that you will find in your house that you can use to deter the activity of the mice.

Some people reported an excellent success when they decided to use mothballs as a repellent. If you have a full-blown mice infestation, laying the snap traps will not necessarily work. You will capture a mouse but more will come due to their shocking capacity to reproduce. With the strong stench that the mothballs release, you will be able to get rid of the mouse. However, their smell will gradually dissipate and you will have to replace the mothballs. Otherwise, the mouse will return on your property. We’d like to remind you that mothballs are toxic. Due to their shape and color, your kids may think that it is a candy and swallow it. If you have other options, we do not recommend the use of mothballs.

Ammonia has the same scent as the urine of the predator. This is probably the reason why some people are using them to drive away the mice. Ammonia can be used in a similar approach as the mothballs. A tiny amount of ammonia will be places near the entrance or the nest of the mice. Unfortunately, it can easily be knocked over. As a solution, you may use a rag and soak it with ammonia. You will need to do this multiple times since the scent of the ammonia will quickly dissipate in this kind of environment. Ammonia should never be combined with bleach since it can create a toxic mixture.

Fabric Softener
In case the scent of the ammonia and the mothballs, some people believe that the fabric softener will work as effective. The sheet can be squeezed on the entry holes which makes it a flexible solution to your problem. Once you dispose it in your trash, it will also make your trash feeling fresh which provides you extra benefits.

Before you use any type of repellents, we would like to remind you that there are no scientific studies that support this theory. While there are instances when this procedure works effectively, we cannot in any way guarantee that it will also be effective on your situation.

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