Solve the Problem - 4 How-To Steps

1 - Home & Attic Inspection

Inspect the exterior of the home, including the roof and all vents, to find out how the animals are getting in. Also inspect inside the attic to identify animal and damage.

2 - Remove the Animals

This process is not simple, and it varies considerably based on animal type and situation. You might use an exclusion door, or a cage trap, or removal by hand.

3 - Repair the Entry Holes

The job is not complete until you solve the source of the problem. Seal shut the entry holes, with professional grade repairs, or else the problem will happen again.

4 - Clean the Attic

In addition to repairing chewed electrical wires and damaged duct work, you might want to remove the animal feces, maybe the insulation, and decontaminate.

Having animals causing issues in your home is no fun, so we take our business seriously and offer a prompt and friendly service from the initial phone call to the final cleaning and sealing of the property, to prevent animals from being able to return. Our professional advisers can give you an indication of the cost over the phone, and give you detailed information on the methods that we will commonly use to deal with different pest animals. We recognize the urgency of dealing with an animal problem, and aim to get one of our local technicians to you before the end of the next day, and usually before then. Our experienced animal removal technicians are skilled at dealing with rodents such as mice and rats that can transmit diseases such as leptospirosis or salmonella to you and your family. We can also deal with pest animals in the yard or garden, with moles and groundhogs also a common reason that people will call us. We look to deal with the pest animals on your behalf, and can also put in the measures and repairs that will help to keep your home and garden free of those animals permanently.