How to Keep Birds Away from House

There’s absolutely nothing that can beat a warm summer day while you are relaxing on the porch, listening to the bird’s chirp. Unfortunately, no one wants to take care of the birds droppings. Dealing with the droppings of the bird in your pool or patio can be a pain in the neck. Their droppings contain acid that can corrode construction materials. They are also possible source of zoonotic diseases.

Keeping the Birds Away from Your Property
Since we are committed to help you deal with your wildlife issues, we decided to enumerate some of the effective ways on how you can drive away these creatures. From removing the elements that are attracting them to installing bird repellents, all methods that we will mention here are proven effective against bird infestation.

Remove the Food Scraps
The birds are lurking around your property since they have access to food and water. They will mostly scavenge the food scraps that are scattered around your property. Any food scrap should be removed immediately. Secure your garbage can with a tight lid. In case you prefer to have a bird bath and bird feeder, place it away from your yard. Make sure that you will only place enough bird feeds to prevent attracting other creatures in the wild.

Exclusion Materials
The exclusion strategy aims to create an obstacle that will prevent these birds from occupying the areas where they can possibly build their nest. Sealing the cracks on our structure can prevent them from getting inside our property. Screens and nets that are installed on the soffits, ceilings, and rafters will prevent them from nesting in these spaces. On the off chance that there are nesting materials in these areas, remove them first before installing the exclusion materials. Ensure that the nest is empty and wear protective gears when removing them.

Bird Repellents
The main purpose of the bird repellent is to discourage the pigeons and birds to roost all over your property. This is intended to make the surface inhospitable and unattractive to their eyes. This can be installed on different structures of our house. Sticky repellents are the most common products sold in the market. It is composed of non-drying goo that will annoy the birds once they came in contact with this repellent. There are also the mechanical types that are composed of metal spikes, netting materials, and wires that serve as a barrier between the surface and the birds. Mechanical repellents are effective but they can be quite expensive. Those who lack the knowledge can also find it difficult to install them.

Finally, you can also perform mild hazing to drive the birds away. This is perhaps, the simplest bird-control method. Unfortunately, their effectiveness is also limited. You can use objects that will easily move when the wind blows that can startle the birds. In case this is not effective, it is time for you to call the help of the expert to deal with your problem.

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